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good artstyle and other else. it makes me feel dizzy circus

Thanks so much! I can see how the circus bit may cause some dizziness haha, lots of colors!

This game had everything I LOVED: Corgis, space, nighttime. It also had a circus, which I don't hate, but don;t like. Great work :D

Thanks so much for playing our game! Sorry that the carnival segment wasn’t your favorite but we’re very happy to hear that you enjoyed the other parts of the game :) 

This game was so cute! I loved the level designs and controls. I thought this was a well-thought out game. Great job!

Thank you so much! We’re very happy you liked our game!

Super cute!


Thanks so much for playing our game! 

P.S. With a running start, Quinn should be able to make it over the electric fields ;)

I tried the game, but I couldn't get past the electrical barrier in the room with the flying roomba.

Try holding down shift to give Quinn a running start. 

We’re working on a patch at the moment to update the controls page to let players know that they can hold shift to run. 

I completed the game. It's a cute little game, although the controls are a bit frustrating.


Thanks so much! Happy you liked our game. We’re a group of student devs so we aren’t too familiar with (proper) key binding. We were also trying to experiment with implementing different mechanics with this game. We’ll work on a more streamlined set of controls for our next game :) thanks for the feedback!

How many levels are there?

8 :)