NOTE: if you full-screen the game, it might cut-off the sides. Turn on sound! :)

This game was created under 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2019

It's a cold, snowy evening in Detroit, Michigan. The year is 2036. The unemployment rate continues to soar as androids replace humans in the job market. Though humans have grown to despise androids, they've become heavily reliant on the machines. 

Lucky for humans, androids follow strict directives which advocate human superiority, meaning they don't fight back.


In this choose-your-own-adventure style game, you play as newly promoted police detective, Gavin Reed as his typically mundane nightshift goes awry when he receives a phone call from a mysterious killer android.

You're tasked to stall for time until the cops arrive to neutralize the suspect.
What kind of small talk does an android make, anyways...?


LIFELINE is a fan-made game based on Quantic Dream's video game, Detroit: Become Human.  All characters and ideas expressed within are property of Quantic Dream.

ArtistsYixuan (Angela) LiZehra Yasemin AydinTaylor Poppoff

WriterNazely Hartoonian

Audio DesignerBrandon Delehoy

ProgrammersMayan ShoshaniKyle KisslerUlises Perez 


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Great Visual Novel Short Story telling Game Of Detriot Become Human Keep up the Developer You are doing great!! If you want to check out is it worth of playing it check out my Review!!! Noise level is too high should be balance with the story and gorgeous visual nice!! Keep up the good work developer!!