A downloadable game for Windows

Three brave knights journeyed to the heart of the Skeleton King's mazes. 


Seeking riches, they were betrayed and now seek revenge upon the evil Skeleton King.


Enter - Dialogue

Up/Down/Left/Right - Move

E - Key/Soul Station


Project Leads - Nazely Hartoonian | Ulises Perez

Artist - Claudia Rose O'Flaherty

Programmers - Ulises Perez | Yixuan (Angela) Li | Zican Li | Shiyang Fang | Shuzhan Xie

Audio Gathering - Nazely Hartoonian

Design - Ulises Perez | Nazely Hartoonian | Yixuan (Angela) Li

Install instructions

Just install, unzip, and launch SK_FinalX.exe to start playing!


SkeletonKing.zip 39 MB

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